Sermon Summary

1.According to the sermon, God is the Holy Father who gives birth to His children (1Pe1:19):
a. When they repent
b. Through His blood
c. Through the Holy Spirit
d. Through the water of the word

2. Repentance and purifying one’s heart constitute (2Co7:10; 1Ti5:22; Jas4:8):
a. Faith life
b. Eternal life
c. The gospel
d. Baptism of believers

3. The dark place, outside the Holy City, is reserved for (Mt22:13; Rev22:15):
a. Unbelievers who live a righteous life
b. The devil and his angels
c. Souls who were cleansed, and lived a life having done evil
d. Souls who enter the resurrection to life

4. What is the result of having word of God as the standard of conscience (2Co7:8-10)?
a. Godly sorrow
b. Religion
c. A sinless life
d. Double mindedness

5. Correcting one’s knowledge, direction, attitude, and heart in regards to God, are the stages of what (Mt3:2; Mt4:17; Ac3:28; Rev2:5)?
a. Purification
b. Repentance
c. Atonement
d. Salvation

6.True or false: Through blood and water, Yeshua provides purification of the spirit and the heart.

7. The Holy Spirit does all of the following except:
a. Urge the churches to repent
b. Dwells in the souls cleansed by the blood of Yeshua
c. Helps everyone to have a humble and content heart
d. Helps believers to have the mind of Christ

8. A Christian repents of a cold, hardened heart in order that:
a. He may arrive at salvation
b. He may be washed through the word
c. He may turn from his sinful ways
d. All of the above



1.b, 2.a, 3.c, 4.a, 5.b, 6.True, 7.c, 8.d