Sermon Summary

1) According to the sermon, what is the goal of Christian’s life? John 5:39
a. Eternal Life
b. Yeshua Christ
c. Personal gain and worldly accomplishments
d. follow strict religious rituals and ceremonies

2) According to the sermon, what does the resurrection of Jesus signify?1Co15:42-44
a. The triumph over sin and death
b. He would raise not natural bodies but spiritual bodies
c. A symbol of physical rebirth and rejuvenation

3) Only the righteous will be resurrected to life on that day. John 5:29
a. True
b. False

4) Who is/will be the first fruit of resurrection?(1Co15:23)
a. Yeshua
b. Believers
c. Disciples

d. All those who are clarified as the righteous

5) Which of the following was a goal of the people of Israel ( (Ge15:15; Ecc6:3)?
a. Live a long life
b. Receive the gift of healing
c. Receive a proper burial
d. A and C

6) The distinction between the natural body &the spiritual body (1Co15:42-47) is:
a. The natural body lives forever, the spiritual body will perish.
b. The spiritual body will live forever, the natural body will perish.
c. The natural body resurrects, the spiritual body regenerates.
d. The natural body is sown in honor, the spiritual body is sown in dishonor.

7) When Jesus comes back, the following will take place except:
a. The righteous receive their upward call
b. The first resurrection
c. The restoration of the second heaven
d. Salvation will be brought to those waiting for Christ

8) According to the sermon, how do we strain toward the goal of life, Yeshua by:
a. Using what is remaining in our bodies to work for His kingdom
b. Burying the past in the blood of Yeshua
c. Imitating the ancestors of faith
d. All of the above


1.b, 2.a, 3.b, 4.a, 5.d, 6.b, 7.c, 8.d