Sermon Summary


1.What is the life of faith based on Exodus 15:13?
a. A life of good deeds
b. A life led by God's grace
c. A life of self-righteousness
d. A life of worldly pleasures

2.How does redemption or atonement differ in the Bible, in Ephesians 1:7?
a.Forgiveness through a sacrifice's death
b. A sacrifice dying in place of the sinner
c. Paying the price with the blood of the sacrifice
d. Redemption through good deeds

3. What does the sanctuary remind believers in Isaiah 49:7
a. The importance of good deeds
b. Jehovah is the Redeemer of Israel
c. The authority of the Law
d. Hope for earthly prosperity

4. Why did Yeshua say, "Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days"?John 2:19
a. To emphasize the destruction of the physical temple
b. To signify His death and resurrection
c. To reject the idea of redemption
d. To establish a new sanctuary

5. What did Yeshua declare with the words "It is finished" based on John 19:30; Hebrews 5:7
a. The completion of His ministry
b. The Father alone is the Redeemer who can save Him from death
c. Condemnation of the world
d. The end of redemption

6. What does the Holy Spirit do in Acts 20:28
a. Leads by judgment
b. Leads by fear
c. Leads by works
d. Leads by grace

7. How does the Christian view the value of his soul, as mentioned in Romans 6:11-14
a. Belittles himself
b. Becomes intimidated
c. Does not belittle himself or become intimidated
d. Views himself as superior

8. According to the sermon, who is the Christian ready to be used by? Romans 14:8
a. Ready to be used by the world
b. Ready to be used by self
c. Ready to be used by the devil
d. Ready to be used by the Master

9. What does the Christian long for according to Romans 8:23
a. Longs for worldly success
b. Longs for earthly prosperity
c. Longs for self-glory
d. Longs for the day when the Lord returns for the redemption of his body

10. Where does the Holy Spirit lead the souls bought back by the precious blood of Yeshua, as mentioned in the sermon? Acts 20:28
a. Leads to earthly pleasures
b. Leads to self-righteousness
c. Leads to the Holy City
d. Leads to worldly accomplishments

11. True/False: God shows grace to whom He shows grace. Exodus 33:19

12. True/False: All things were created by God and thus belong to Him. Psalm 24:1

13. True/False: The Christian's soul and flesh belong to the Lord and His body, the Church. Romans 8:23


1.a, 2.c, 3.b, 4.b, 5.b, 6.d, 7.d, 8.d, 9.d, 10.c, 11.True, 12.True, 13.True