Sermon Summary

1. According to the sermon, faith life is ____ (Ps85:13; Ps1:6)
a. Following his own path regardless of God’s will
b. Subject to constant change
c. Surrendering to God’s will and making His steps my way
d. Easy and without challenges

2. The Bible shows the way of salvation from _____ (2Pe3:7)
a. Spiritual darkness
b. Hades, the burning universe
c. Financial difficulties
d. Physical sufferings

3. What consequence does sin lead humanity towards? (Pr14:12; Jer21:8; Hos2:6)
a. Salvation
b. The path to righteousness
c. Wandering down the path to death
d. Freedom from suffering and hardship

4. What was the fate of the Israelites who grumbled against God during their wandering? (Nu21:4-6)
a. They found a path to the Promised Land.
b. They perished in the wilderness.
c. They were granted divine protection.
d. They reached the Red Sea safely.

5. What does Ezekiel 44:3 prophesy about the Messiah?
a. He will lead the people astray.
b. He will follow his own path.
c. He will follow the way decided by God.
d. He will reject divine guidance.

6. What did Yeshua claim to accomplish through the destruction and resurrection of the temple of His body? (Jn14:6; He10:20)
a. Opening the way to the land of Canaan
b. Demonstrating the power of Jehovah
c. Establishing a new temple in Jerusalem
d. Leading souls to the Father's house in heaven

7. True/False: Only through Yeshua can one go to the Father’s House (Jn14:6)

8. True/False: The Word becoming flesh is the way through which God's will will be achieved. (Jn1:1; 1:14)

9. Where’s the Father’s House mentioned in Jn14:2?
a. The Holy Ccity in heaven
b. Abraham’s bosom
c. The universe

10. What distinguishes the Christian's path according to Mt7:13-14?
a. It is chosen by force.
b. It is broad and easy to navigate.
c. It is narrow, difficult, and chosen willingly.
d. It is predetermined.


1.c, 2.b, 3.c, 4.b, 5.c, 6.d, 7. True, 8.True, 9.b, 10.c